A Turbulent Economy Slows But Cannot Put the Brakes on Assisted Living Growth

With 2009 well in progress, numerous business segments keep on feeling the pressure of the monetary downturn, including the home loan emergency and late credit crunch. However, the current year’s 70 Largest Providers list-a yearly Assisted Living Executive selective recommends that helped living suppliers so far have not taken as overwhelming a hit. ¬†While development has eased back from the previous not many years, the greater part of suppliers studied by Assisted Living Executive despite everything report increments in authorized helped living occupant limit, as of January 1, regardless of whether it is just due to adding one to three new structures to their portfolios.

During 2008, no helped living organizations blended and full-organization acquisitions were uncommon. The main organization to develop by procuring sizable contenders was Five S tar Senior Living, some time ago Five Star Quality Care, which purchased New Seasons Assisted Living Communities No. 49 on the 2008 rundown and Some ford Corp. The moves helped raise Five Star Senior Living from No. 8 to No. 6 and expanded its helped living limit by in excess of 45 percent. In any case, regardless of a year including no serious deals, the 2009 rundown gives some reshuffling because of Assisted Living Mission Viejo acquisitions and building. Maybe of course, the greatest increases stay with the greatest players and are in hard numbers instead of significant position changes.

Dawn Senior Living keeps on garnish the rundown with an estimated helped living occupant limit of 32,560 units. Real numbers ought to be fairly higher because of development a year ago yet were not accessible at press time. Emeritus Senior Living and Brookdale Senior Living kept up the No. 2 and No. 3 spots, yet in addition kept on developing by 8 percent and 20 percent, individually. Helped living inhabitant limit expanded by 20 percent at Atria Senior Living Group No. 5 As far as rate development, Senior Care Inc. raised its helped living limit by about 44 percent, an increase that moved the Louisville, Kentucky-based supplier from No. 17 of every 2008 to No. 11 this year. Senior Services of America No. 29 grew 27 percent and climbed seven spots. Moderate helped living supplier BMA Management just climbed three spots to No. 24 yet in addition increased its ability by 28 percent because of new development. Mt. West Retirement Corp. changed its name to Bonaventure Senior Living No. 25 and raised its ability by 22 percent.