Can You Do a Horoscope for Business Astrology?

Astrologers believe that everything on Earth which has a start has the capacity to have a birth chart. After all, when you know exactly what time something starts you can quickly see what the planets were performing, at this specific time. A business is no different from anything else, even though there’s the question of what you take as the beginning date. When do business astrology, often look at many distinct charts.

Sometimes businesses start off as being casual concerns, where someone gradually makes money. Maybe a hobby slowly becomes a profession. Under these conditions, the time a business starts could be the time that you contract the first bit of paid business. So if a person is an artist, the key moment could be if they get a phone call, and they agree with a customer to paint a picture for them, for a specific price.

Business Astrologe

Other businesses are more definite. A shopkeeper’s company will begin on the day they start their store. By way of instance, the first branch of Wal-Mart, the American retail giant, was started on Monday July 2 1962, when both the Sun and Moon were in Cancer. A fantastic date for the foundation of an American success story, being just two days short of July 4.However if two or more Individuals come together to form a company, their attorneys will advise them to sign an agreement, to formalize their relationship. The date and time that the agreement is signed could mark a significant moment.

Many businesses are integrated – in the UK they become ‘Limited Companies’, in the US they get Incorporation status. The afternoon of incorporation is astrologically important, even if the company is already up and running. So although the software company Microsoft was founded in 1975, it was not integrated until June 25 1981.

If one is a stock Market investor, one is not just interested in the inner workings of a business, but also in its share price. To better understand the motion of the share price, one consults a further chart that is set for the moment its stocks become business astrologer. In conclusion, one can certainly do a birth chart for a business, but one must think about several different charts. Additionally, we must never forget the human dimension. There are supervisors running the business, and one needs to consider their charts also, to understand the sort of events they are bringing in their business life.