Faucet finishes and ideas for your kitchen or bath

Many homeowners have a room they despise. It may be the kitchen, master bedroom, or even the guest bathroom but there may not be extra money for the remodeling that needs to happen. You could change the look and feel of your bathroom without completing a whole entire remodeling project with some simple new bathroom fixtures; you can take the bathroom from dated to modern and beautiful. Before you start the project, there are some things you should consider. In older homes, sometimes the fixtures are attached to permanent items and cannot be changed.


Go through the bathroom and make a list of everything you do not like. It may not be financially possible to change them all but you have to start somewhere. Decide if you want to change the colors such as going from faucet finishes and ideas by Anzzi can you save some of the fixtures and just buy a more modern light fixture. Getting in a big project without the funds to finish can be a disaster. It can take a simple project of changing out the sink fixtures into replacing pipes and other major fixtures. Do not start a project if you cannot finish it. Not having a functioning bathroom will cause a great deal of stress within your household, even if you have other working bathrooms. Devote time to finish the project. If you have experience little success in the past, it probably is not a smart idea to do even a small bathroom fixtures remodel unless you have a plumber on call.

 If you know you are moving from the house within the next several years, keep that in mind while making improvements. You do not want to make choices that will alienate potential buyers or keep the house from selling quickly. When you install fixtures that look great but are difficult to use, you are creating a less than ideal situation for those in your household and even your guests. Some of the newer bathroom fixtures are very hype and modern but if your house is more French Country, you may not want to install these ultra modern pieces. It would not create a flow within the house and while it may look neat in that one room, your house would not make sense. Deciding on a bathroom project can be overwhelming but if you start with the small items such as the sink handles, light fixtures, mirrors, and even shower heads, you can achieve the same results with little efforts.