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The liver is the key organ for detoxification. If toxins are permitted to accumulate in the body, we may suffer from fatigue, bad breath, weight gain, cellulite, headaches, leaky gut, acne and an overall lack of energy and wellness. Continue reading for simple but super powerful strategies to improve your liver function and take a giant leap towards good health and wellbeing. This health tips will help optimize your liver functioning That in turn will clear the body of toxins. Sweeteners, preservatives, artificial food colouring and Flavouring supply zero nutritional value and worse still, they might be toxic to our body. The Food Standards Authority in the UK linked the use of artificial food colouring to behavioural problems in children such as temper tantrums, hyperactivity, allergies and short attention spans. Eat natural food you have prepared yourself with no additives for a healthy liver.

Liver Function Test

Alcohol can cause stress on the liver and may promote toxicity. Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, despite the fact that you might feel absolutely in control of your drinking and don’t feel any side effects, can cause three distinct varieties of liver disease: cirrhosis, fatty liver and alcoholic hepatitis. Fruit and vegetables contain a wealth of vitamins and nutrients Such as vitamin C and beta-carotene that may encourage the liver function. Water dilutes toxins and can flush them from your body more quickly. Fiber in your diet will help to prevent constipation. If You are Constipation, there is more prospect of toxins staying inside the human body and being absorbed through the walls of your large bowel.

Your lft test price in delhi has to work extremely hard to break down fatty meats Such as beef, duck and lamb and likewise hydrogenated vegetable oils which might be found in margarine and many processed pastries, breads, cakes and other fast foods. A liver flush is basically a natural and home based way to provide Your liver a thorough cleansing. There are several unique recipes and methods for a liver cleansing diet. Check with your doctor first before embarking on a flush as in case you have got pre-existing conditions such as gallstones, a liver flush can exacerbate the issue. The basic recipe is almost always a mixture of lemon juice, Epsom salts, olive oil and either grapefruit or lemons. I went to a liver cleanse in a health spa in Thailand where they added a fair whack of cayenne pepper into the mix. A normal liver flush may last 4-5 days and involves drinking this mixture around 4 times a day while eating a light diet of raw vegetables and fruit. It is ideal to take time off work when doing so, as nausea is a virtual certainty.