Three Significant Reasons to Love Glass Stairs

It is not hard to see in glazed side panels have become common glass staircases. As new-build houses appear to get smaller and smaller and increasing prices induce many buyers to settle for modestly sized properties, home owners are finding creative ways to make the best of what space they have. Using glass of Wood or metal on your stair banisters can bring several advantages:

staircase design


The hallway is the aspect of the home which is not great for making a great impression. A conventional staircase balustrade, comprising a handrail and base rail connected by metal or wooden spindles will promote the gloom by obstructing precious natural light. The room will be immediately brightened by using glass panels by inviting light to flow.


It is amazing the way Glass can make a room feel much larger. A balustrade provides no or little barrier to the eye. As panels create the construction look obtrusive this is helpful for staircases located in a dining or living space.

Which Kind of glass should you pick?

Very good quality glazed Panels need to be made from toughened safety glass 8mm and 10mm that was ideally, thick. Single panels permit light flow and will create the maximum impact. These must be made cover than for standard sizes and so be prepared to wait. Installation can be challenging and is best left to professionals. Panels are flexible although showy and the ideal option for layouts. If desired they may be put together with metal or wooden spindles.

How is the glass fitted?

Based on the Staircase design and personal preference, you can usually choose whether to repair the panels into the balustrade with metal clamps or put them in to pre-cut grooves at the handrail and base rail. It is also possible so the glass is suspended above the steps to attach the panels to the handrail without using a base rail. In an outline, fitting the panels directly into the banisters results from an aesthetic viewpoint but some folks prefer the look of metallic clamps that are shiny or mounts. These are found in a nickel finish. If you are following a design that is particularly you could use steel disks.

What About glass stair components?

Risers and treads are both available in glass. Treads can be reached between 20mm and 40mm, usually in many different thicknesses. The glass needs to be toughened and laminated for additional strength and include a non-slip finish. Glass risers are increasing in popularity. They can be fitted into ones or more remarkably to the back of treads. This is certain to generate the wow factor while maintaining the security advantages of a tread staircase design letting light shine.