Where to See Tigers Safari In India

Whatever the government survey Says, unusually 38,000 square kilometres of wilderness remains protected, across 500 parks and sanctuaries, harboring not only tigers, but fantastic flora and fauna. This is extremely tricky to answer as the famed royal Bengal tiger is so evasive. Imagine spending several nights within the jungle in midsized Raj era forest lodges, where you will be cared for by expert naturalist guides and support staff to create this exclusive and exciting experience very unique. Go to the Dhikala range that provides the widest assortment of terrain and exceptional tiger spotting opportunities in addition to the Bijrani – Malani range which has excellent water availability throughout the year, thus making it an exceptional habitat for a strong prey base and its predator.

Additionally, it offers fantastic birding opportunities. But even without risks from people, mere survival as a tiger is a significant feat. Often called the tiger capital of India, Madhya Pradesh Central India has some superb tiger reserves each offering a spectacular experience. Kanha is one of the oldest and prettiest of India’s parks, wherever your arrangements can be made in an owner-managed camp from the silent Mukki Gate. It is possible to spend mornings and afternoons in tiger land on a personal jeep directed by one of the most famous naturalists in Kanha. Satpura – this comparatively new, little-known scenic reserve has the distinction of being put up for walking and also kayaking on its big reservoir – something no other parks provide. Though harboring tigers, tiger tours is better known for sightings of leopard, wild dog, and sloth, in addition to endemic butterflies one of its forest-clad hills, steep gorges, and lots of creeks. Stay in a rustic lodge set up under the watchful eye of a naturalist owner.

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Do not forget to spend evenings on a first-floor terrace bar that provides great views across the Satpura hills, adding to the air. The Tadoba National Park in northern Maharashtra provides a fascinating view of a central Indian jungle, and is the only tiger reserve open annually. Both lakes and open waterholes guarantee a flourishing population of tigers. Stay in a small yet comfortable owner-managed lodge set on 17 acres of degenerated land bordering the book, harboring water bodies that are frequented by predators thus making it a thrilling encounter. Tigers became so honored in human civilizations because of their deadly hunting prowess, and the modern-day tiger safari stands as a testament to humanity’s continuing fascination with the gorgeous creatures. Tiger holidays are a wonderful chance to get up close and personal with wildlife in India. We organize the most awesome Indian tiger safaris.